Since I finished my PhD, I will be starting a new job very soon. January 2nd, I will officially start working in a multinational. For this job, I will have to drive about 100 km’s a day to get to work and back. Compared to being able to walk to work for the last 4 years, that’s going to be quite the adjustment. The way I see it though, it offers me a possibility to do some things I didn’t do before. Driving to work isn’t quite the same as taking the train to work though, so it’s not like I’ll be able to read more books or get any writing done. But on the flipside, I’ll be able to spend two hours a day listening to podcasts.

I’ve been into the whole podcast experience for a while now and although for the most part it’s been podcasts about sports, there’s been time for the occasional science and technology podcast too. Since I only really follow the NBA in terms of sport, there aren’t really any podcasts that fill up two hours a day discussing the games from the previous night. So recently I’ve started the hunt for interesting podcasts to fill up the rest of my free time in the car. If anybody has any good suggestions, please leave them in the comments. I’m interested in a lot of topics so don’t hesitate to propose any podcast you find worth listening to!

I find that the best podcasts generally have at least two contributors. Even though one of the two normally dominates the discussion (almost to the point that it becomes a monologue), it’s important to have somebody to keep the conversation going sometimes. That second person is vital to keep a good dynamic flow of information going. He needs to ask some valid questions to challenge the main speaker, needs to keep him on topic sometimes and needs to keep track of the overall content that was meant to be covered in a podcast. Overall he serves the role of a moderator with only a minor contribution to the actual discussion. Any podcast that finds two people with the right kind of chemistry to generate an interesting discussion, is going to be succesfull.

Top podcasts for me right now:
1. The Basketball Jones (the daily fix)
2. WNYC’s Radiolab
3. Manager Tools
4. The B.S. Report