Promise to self

When you know you’ve got something to do today that you don’t like doing, schedule it as early as possible during your day. Get it over with so you can stop dreading it and get something else done or enjoy the rest of your damn day.

This is a recurring problem for me. Both professionally and personally, there are things that I don’t enjoy doing and my instinctive response is to postpone it until the very last moment. I suppose the idea behind it is that maybe, just maybe, if I wait long enough someone else will do it or something else will happen which makes it so I won’t have to do it anymore. It is childish, stupid and very counterproductive. Generally I won’t get anything else done because of the looming specter of that particular task I hate. I will be keeping myself busy with things that aren’t important or worse yet, I’ll be wasting time by finding creative ways to do nothing while taking my mind off of the task at hand (read: watch youtube). Often times the task will involve having to contact someone to get them to do something for me. Mostly my disliking the task is a combination of not liking to call people and not liking to ask for help. I’ve gotten better at it and I don’t allow myself to weasel out of it quite that easily anymore. But regardless of why I dread some particular task, postponing it is rarely a valid solution.

In an effort to make more efficient use of my time both at work and elsewhere, I will learn to schedule those type of tasks early during the day and will resist pushing back the task to a later time.