A goal is a dream with a deadline (1)

I love writing. I’ve been writing this blog for years now. I used to love writing creative short stories at school before starting the blog. I enjoyed writing my master thesis, I enjoyed writing my doctoral thesis. And yet all this time I’ve secretly dreamed about writing something bigger.

I talk about it on occasion, but not to everyone. Mostly out of fear that if I keep talking about it without ever actually doing it, people will peg me as a feckless dreamer. The urge to write a longer piece of fiction comes and goes however. Usually it changes as my life gets calmer or busier. It changes with the seasons. It changes with my mood.

And then suddenly another year has passed and I think back to my secret plans for 2012 and I realize I haven’t achieved any of them. For all my thinking and dreaming… I never set a real goal, I never look at it as a project that needs planning, deadlines and deliverables.

That has now changed.

And now Ze Frank will take over for me.